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A Year and a Day

11th May 2014

Still annual. Oh yeah.

Though this year I’m actually a day (and a bit) late. I would have been on time, but yesterday I was riding my bike, reading on trains and hanging out with excellent people. Next year I’ll be back on schedule. Promise.

A quinquennium of blogging.

Here are the other posts in this series.

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10th May 2013

Yup. It appears that I’m an annual blogger. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Four years in a row, not bad.

I had a plan (the almighty patten) for this post. I’ve been drafting it on and off in my head for the past few days. I knew the date was approaching, I knew I had to sit here once again, figure out something to say and remember how to do Markdown links.

However, before I get to the main bit (fear the pattern) something rather interesting happened…

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One More Year

10th May 2012

It’s been another year since I last posted here. Apparently I am now an annual blogger. Never my intention, but better than nothing.

Sitting down to write something feels completely alien. Only the significance of this date is keeping me focused.

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One Year

10th May 2011

It’s been exactly a year since I last posted here. A far cry from the posting volume I managed during my attempt(s) at Project52. I can’t even blame Twitter, I barely write there either.

I noticed a few weeks ago that this date was approaching, and I was hoping to find the time to put together something that represented the year I have had, but other things have got in the way.

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