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Bye Bye Binamic

20th April 2010

After almost five years of service I will be leaving Binamic and moving on to pastures new.

Once I had finished sixth form I spent a few months dossing, skating and wasting money. By the end of it I was in desperate need of a job.

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12th April 2010

Music gets me through the day. It helps me focus, reduces distractions, allows me to plough through boring tasks and lets me head-bang whilst I code.

Over the years I have amassed a fair collection which is now stored completely digitally and continues to grow as I discover new records.

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Now for Internet Explorer

5th April 2010

One of the key things I wanted to do when it came to redesigning this site was simple: Have Fun. Luckily, I had a blast, and have ended up with something I am truly proud of. Having fun as a target meant one thing was completely out of the question and that was testing in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

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