Critical Zero

The online refuge of Andy Pearson
He’s been gone for a while, the posts are gathering dust...


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Andy Pearson is a web designer and developer. This is Critical Zero, his personal blog.


Currently in charge of his own destiny, freelancing under the guise of Shock. He floats between various London agencies, doing front-end and back-end work in equal measure. Whilst also developing solutions for his own clients using PHP and Ruby on Rails.


Computer games, podcasts, films, television, social networking, music, gigs, spoken word, family, friends and beards. Also: building websites.


Twenty Three years old, living with his parents and nocturnal brother.


Previously known as Critical Web Design (or even blog.critical) this site has always been home to his own personal ramblings. Infrequently updated and eventually abandoned it was time for a refresh. Critical Zero is the outcome of that, originally started at the end of 2009 and finally launched on March 1st 2010.