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Colour Subtle

1st March 2010

I’ve been a fan of COLOURlovers for a long time now. I’m pretty sure I was around when the idea was first floated on Kirupa, a flash web design forum that I used to frequent when I first started designing for the web.

Since then, I’ve developed my taste for web design and design in general. I know what I like and I’m pretty quick to make a judgement on whether a site has what it takes to impress me.

It was with this eye that I approached the latest COLOURlovers re-design. One scroll down the homepage and by the time I reached the bottom I was already sold on it.

It’s all in the footer.

Look closer.


I just couldn’t resist this little touch of genius, taking a pretty regular footer, adding something clever, charming and distinct. Thoughtful design like this makes all the difference.

Next time you’re designing, make sure you add something extra, a little flourish to catch attention and make your work stand out in the crowd.

  1. Joel Helin

    2nd March 2010

    The new design is awesome. Really like their icons and stuff.

  2. Zak Weiland

    4th March 2010

    Love the new design. Nice article, I wanted it to be longer though, I was all caught up in it!