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31st December 2009

Project52 starts tomorrow. One blog post a week, for a year. It’s going to be tough.

Although primarily a challenge for myself – a chance to hone my writing skills, build some focus and hopefully write something useful – Project52 could be massive for the community as a whole. Just a quick glance at the signup list reveals there are loads of great bloggers who don’t usually post frequently but are committing to one post a week. The amount of quality content will blossom in a matter of weeks, a refreshing alternative to the “Top N Lists” that have become so popular.

I’ll update this list every time I publish a new post. Keeping track of my progress as the weeks and months go by…

Wish me luck.

  1. Week 1

    Being a Code Sponge

  2. Week 2

    Writing Trinity

  3. Week 3

    Help Your Team. Help Yourself

  4. Week 4

    The WordPress (L)OOP

  5. Week 5

    One Month

  6. Week 6

    Second Post

  7. Week 7


  8. Week 8

    Rotation in Processing.js

  9. Week 9

    Colour Subtle

  10. Week 10

    Revealing the Grid