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Project52 Reboot

16th March 2010

This may feel a little familiar. Project52 starts tomorrow. One blog post a week, for a year. It’s going to be tough.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this reboot. It gives us all a second chance and hopefully the website is going to be in a much better position to keep track of everyone’s progress.

Although totally optional, it feels like anyone who has already started needs to start again in order to get the most from the project.

It was probably a pretty tough decision to make but I’m hoping a fresh start is going to help the movement. It will be a real shame if it ends up hurting it instead.

You can consider my previous posts a little bonus.

Once again, I’ll update this list every time I publish a new post. Keeping track of my progress as the weeks and months go by…

And please wish me luck, I’m still going to need it.

  1. Week 1


  2. Week 2


  3. Week 3

    Now for Internet Explorer

  4. Week 4


  5. Week 5

    Bye Bye Binamic

  6. Week 6

    Minimal Interactions

  7. Week 7

    The Web Tools You Know

  8. Week 8

    This is Shock

  1. tgpo

    19th March 2010

    I’ve been with it since the beginning of the year. To be honest, I’m not upset about the reboot. My goal is now 15 months of posts instead of only 12. Plus I’ve enjoyed the first 2.5 months and I hope I’ll continue posting even when the official Project 52 time frame is over.