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Now for Internet Explorer

5th April 2010

One of the key things I wanted to do when it came to redesigning this site was simple: Have Fun. Luckily, I had a blast, and have ended up with something I am truly proud of. Having fun as a target meant one thing was completely out of the question and that was testing in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

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Rotation in Processing.js

24th February 2010

Dipping into Processing.js to create the abstract background for this site was one of the most exciting parts of this design. Almost the perfect combination of art, programming and play. Processing allows you to get interesting results with a minimum amount of code.

I went through a few different iterations to get to the final abstract you see above, one of the key elements are the cross/plus signs which contrast with the circles.

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The WordPress (L)OOP

25th January 2010

It’s becoming clear that I have a strange relationship with WordPress. For years, it has been my blogging platform of choice and I recommend it to a lot of people. I bought it into the workplace and we used it on a number of projects, we even rebuilt the Binamic website using it. The admin interface is solid, the feature set broad and the community strong. I love WordPress.

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Being a Code Sponge

4th January 2010

I had the pleasure of attending @media2006 and was lucky enough to meet the eloquent cheese lover and design extraordinaire Jon Hicks. He also presented “Being a Creative Sponge” a hands on look at collecting inspiration from places you may not necessarily look and using it to fuel your own creative process.

You can find a recently updated version of the presentation on Jon’s journal, or if you are hoping to stage a factually accurate sitcom based around the popular 2006 conference grab the original one instead.

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