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1st March 2010

Welcome to the spiritual successor of Critical Web Design. After a long period of silence, Project52 kicked me into gear, and I’ve been writing here since the start of the year.


This site replaces both my portfolio and blog.critical in their entirety. Apologies if you wind up here looking for some of my older writing. It was a conscious decision to remove everything; it just wasn’t “me” anymore. If there is something you really miss, drop me a line and I’ll see if there is something I can do to resurrect it.


Critical Zero has been designed, developed and written from the ground up. I’ll hopefully write more on the first two during the coming weeks but for now you can check the vault for my new posts, I’m also tracking my Project52 progress1.

No Internet Explorer for the moment please, I wanted to have fun with this so haven’t even tested it once.


Please let me know what you think of this new site! It’s been a real labour of love, but I’m keen to hear what you think of it. Leave a comment or fire a tweet at me.

  1. Don’t worry, I’ve already seen the reboot and will be keeping up with this Project52 and starting again once March 17th rolls around. 

  1. Joel Helin

    1st March 2010

    I’m sorry for missing the date, but let’s do something else in the future.

    This site looks awesome. Love how shiny the background is. Everything just smells so fresh.

  2. Martin Hill

    1st March 2010

    Very nice indeed – you should try doing this professionally!

  3. Matt Kempster

    1st March 2010

    Very well done sir!

    Was looking forward to seeing what you could come up with and I have to say, the design blew my socks off when I had a quick look before setting off to college.

    An extremely original, yet ‘up to date’ design :)

    ‘On the mark’, to say the least :) Congrats and I will look forward to reading your new blog.

  4. Keith Sheehan

    20th March 2010

    I really like your site design and am also getting back into the swing of things with P52. Stop by and take a look, if you desire. Take care.